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November 2008

Saturday Events in San Francisco

Two events in the Bay Area this Saturday November 22 worth checking out: Elixir's 5/150 Party: The celebrations kick off November 22nd at noon with a daytime party to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Mr. Ehrmann’s proprietorship, featuring a Celebrity Chef Barbeque with Mission District culinary dignitaries Justin Deering (Conduit) and Scott Youkilis (Maverick). Wristbands to enjoy the feast will sell for $10 and the funds raised from the BBQ will go to a new Distressed Bartender Fund to be established with the local chapter of the United States Bartenders Guild (USBG), for Guild members who cannot work because of... Read more →

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Look Who's Advertising

I think it's interesting to see which normally-quiet brands decide to launch big advertising campaigns all of a sudden. I've been seeing Drambuie ads all over the place recently- at least in all the men's magazines. And now I'm starting to see more Kahlua ads as well. I wonder if it's a winter thing- darker liqueurs for colder weather. I also found another "cocktails = sophisticated vacation relaxation" themed ad, this time for Lufthansa, and this time not with cocktails but wine. Read more →

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Eau Duh

This post is a couple months late, but no matter. A while back I visited the St. George Spirits (and Hangar One Vodka) distillery in Alameda, California, while they were finishing distilling raspberry eau de vie and about to distill pear. I've known Hangar's distiller Lance Winters for a while, but this time I was hearing from Jorg Rupf, the distillery's founder. He too, is awesome. German lawyer Jorg Rupf started making eau de vie in California in the late 1970's (while on a sabbatical at UC Berkeley that doesn't appear to have ended) because he says he thought the... Read more →

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Wines' Wine Picks Win

In last week's battle to see what paired best with food- wine, beer, or cocktails, wine came out the winner. In particular, the wines chosen by Emily Wines, Master Sommelier at Fifth Floor Restaurant in San Francisco, beat out the beer and cocktails pairings by other local experts as voted on by the diners in attendance. I was rooting for cocktails, but from all accounts it was a close race. Congratulations to Ms. Wines. My spies who attended spoke: "It was excellent- Friendly, well organized, great service." "The food was divine, spirit selections from all three experts were spot on,... Read more →

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Glossy Booze: November Edition

Glossy Booze is a round-up of cocktails and spirits stories in magazines. Men's Journal has this story on the increasing popularity and price of bourbon, along with some recommendations by Wayne Curtis, a few recommended brands of merlot, and a review of The Wettest County in the World . The December issue of Men's Journal is also out, and has a recipe for the Midnight Manhattan, a mention of Palo Santo Marron as a good winter brew, an endorsement of Three Thieves Bandit wine in the box as "adventure-ready wine," and a list of "Top Shelf Hooch" including Bluecoat Gin,... Read more →

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Cocktails for Catfish

Scott Beattie's media onslaught continues! The Wall Street Journal's Eric Felten calls some of the drinks in Beattie's book Artisanal Cocktails "cocktails for catfish" because there is so much food on the bottom of the glass. Ha! (Read the story here. ) Though Beattie's drinks do include tons and tons of herbs, spices, flowers and other pretty garnish, Felten doesn't mention that they actually do contribute significantly to the flavor of the drink. Beattie takes largely simple base ingredients like vodka and unaged rum and builds complex drinks using fresh herbs and spices rather than using complex spirits and simple... Read more →

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