So much for Nutrisweet Caipirinhas
Bartender reminder

Relax, Your NutraSweet Margarita is Safe

Zilch I posted about the new legal definition of the Caipirinha demanding real sugar, but luckily for these folks, no such legislation exists for the Margarita.

Yes, it is a box of aspartame-sweetened portable Margarita packets that you can take to the bar. From the press release:

According to Johnson, Zilch Sugar Free Margarita Mixers are a delicious alternative to high carb, high calorie Margaritas. "Before Zilch, I couldn't enjoy Margaritas with my friends at restaurants. Now, I just order Tequila and water on the rocks, and add my little packet of Zilch."

Tequila and water on the rocks? YES. Order that in a Margarita glass with a spoon for stirring and watch the bartender's head explode.

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