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December 2008

Party Tips from Esquire

I think it's a little odd to put your New Year's party tips in the January issue of a magazine instead of December, then to give away all the content online before it's even January, but that's why I'm not a rich and famous magazine editor. Nor am I a David Wondrich, who wrote all the booze stories for the issue. They include: Esquire's Guide to Hosting A complaint about oversized Martini glasses And batch-sized recipes for party drinks: the Gin Daisy, Manhattan, and an original drink called the Saint Valentine (umm, wrong month again?) that includes rum, port, Grand... Read more →

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San Francisco: Vodka-Free City

Once upon a time, more specifically around the turn of the millennium, several bars would brag about their extensive vodka selections. It was the age of the Cosmopolitan and the Vodka Martini, you'll remember. I believe Club Mighty had a separate vodka bar, and I seem to remember a smaller bar like Hush Hush promoting its large variety of the clear spirit. Eater SF reports that the one remaining bar completely dedicated to the stuff, Voda Vodka Lounge on Belden Lane, is closing. I'm sad to see it go. Not just because I think vodka (which outsells all other spirits... Read more →

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Gin and Tonic: Now Gin-Free!

Imbibe Magazine's blog points to a new flavor of soda: Dry Soda Company's Juniper Berry soda. The editors tell us it tastes like a non-alcoholic Gin and Tonic. But the problem with non-alcoholic drinks is their complete lack of alcohol. To me, this product sounds like it will pair magnificently with leftover vodka to make a gin-free G&T. Read more →

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Alcademics A-Plus: Now Easier to Sign-Up

For anyone who was hesitating on signing up for the Alcademics A-Plus email list, which serves the purpose of giving out free stuff, you should know that the process is slightly easier. Some people said they didn't want to share their annual income. I've now made that field optional. (I've never looked at anyone's individual data beyond birth date, for the record.) In January we'll have several giveaways, including: - Copies of Cocktail Books - More tickets to the Fifth Floor's "Three on Five" pairing competitions - Vermouth! So if you haven't done so already, kindly take a moment to... Read more →

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