Gift Week: Boozy Tuesday
Gift Week Continues: Local Thursday

Gift Week: Drinking Accessories Wednesday

As part of Gift Week here on Alcademics, today is Drinking Accessories Wednesday. So here are some gifts to keep or give to others:

Imbibemag A subscription to Imbibe Magazine. If you don't have one already you should hurry the heck up or else you won't get to read my giant feature in the January issue!

Fusebox Fusebox from CrushPad- It's learning, it's drinking. All good. The kit has seven bottles of wine to play with- six for blending, and a mystery bottle you're supposed to guess what's in after you play with the others. The kit seems like a fun party game with four people- sounds perfect for nighttime at the ski cabin. Not that I ski.

Shaker Cylinda Line Cocktail Shaker from Design Within Reach. I haven't seen this shaker in person, but it's so very, very pretty in the picture.

Icecrusher Metrokane ice crusher- I also have a Lewis Bag for crushing ice but I don't always want to bother whacking at the thing. The hand-cranked ice crusher is fun and I can store it in the vegetable drawer when I'm not using it (since I don't bother with vegetables most of the time).

Maraschino A giant 12 pound can of maraschino cherries. Then go to the dollar store and buy a bunch of jars to put small portions into and give them as gourmet party gifts.

Riedel Tequila Glass- I am getting to be a glass nerd, always reaching for a different vessel to consume each spirit and ending up with a sink full of 10 glasses each morning despite not having guests. The one I'm the biggest nerd about is the tequila glass- I always use the Riedel. 

A fresh citrus basket from an online vendor such as this or this one. Where I live in California, winter is an exciting time for citrus, but maybe your friends in Washington state or Minnesota are not so blessed. Send them a citrus basket and maybe even a book of tiki recipes and a citrus squeezer

Get Camper's Book: Tonic Water AKA G&T WTF.