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Rachel Maddow and Cocktails

News-tainment person Rachel Maddow seems like she's funny from the clips I see around the internet. But increasingly I'm impressed with her cocktail knowledge. I read somewhere early on that she's a fan of rhum agricole, which is usually a sign of awesomeness. There was an interview with her in this month's issue of Imbibe Magazine (you know, the one with my story on scotch whisky on the cover) where she says she likes to drink at the Pegu Club and make Audrey Saunders' Tantris Cocktail at home. Then I read on Gawker that there are a few clips on the internet where she gives cocktail instruction.

In this one she narrates (it's from her radio show) how to make six classic drinks from the 1950's. She gets everything exactly right. I continue to be impressed.

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