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SF Bartender News: Good for Him, Bad for Us

Kevind San Francisco has lost three great bartenders in the last year- Josey Packard, Joe Parilli, and Thomas Waugh. (Lost as in, moved to other cities, not like swallowed in an earthquake.) Well, we're about to lose one more- Kevin Diedrich.

Kevin works at Clock Bar, Bourbon & Branch, where he makes a lot of ingredients for the bar, and also did much of the heavy lifting opening and running Cask. I have no idea when he has time to sleep.

I guess he'll sleep on the plane, because he just accepted a 6-8 month position running the bar program at Michael Minas's Bourbon Steak in the Four Seasons in Washington, DC. He leaves next week.

That's terrific for him, but a big bummer for us. He'll be working his final two shifts at Clock Bar this Wednesday and Thursday.  Come wish him well in his new job, and maybe cry a little in your drinks. Let's hope to elicit enough sympathy that he decides to move back when the job is over.

Best of luck, Kevin.

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