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SF Event: Wine vs. Wine vs. Not-Wine


In the latest of these creative pairing contests at San Francisco's Fifth Floor restaurant, the house Master Sommelier Emily Wines with compete to pair wine with each course of a five-course meal against two other sommeliers.

Emily Wines will pair Old World wines.
Consultant Master Sommelier Brian Cronin will pair New World wines.
Sommelier Paul Einbaum (formerly of Coi) will pair with Anything But wine

Diners get to try all three pairings with all five courses, in a setting that is both educational and fun. This event is on February 18th. More info will eventually be posted here and the event is a bargain at $125.

Emilywinescryintobeer copyPerhaps Emily Wines is competing against other sommeliers this time because after trouncing the competition at the first two pairing battles, she lost the third to Arne Johnson of the Marin Brewing Company, who paired each course with beer. Dethroned!!

Info on the previous pairing showdowns is here:

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