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Flip N Drink

Did you ever get the feeling you were the last drink writer or bartender on earth without an iPhone app to call your own? That's how I felt when I read my email this morning. 

With Simon Difford, Cocktail DB/Doc Cocktail, Jimmy Patrick, and soon Cheryl Charming each having iPhone cocktail applications, it only make sense that Gary Regan and Mardee Haidin Regan would jump into the fray, as they announced today via email.


Flipndrink2 The new app, called Flip N Drink, promises hundreds of cocktail recipes with more to come in future months. The recipes are not just from the Regans, but other cocktail luminaries like David Wondrich, Jon Santer, LeNell Smothers, Ryan Magarian, and Robert Hess.

Besides the all-star line-up, this application has some other unique features. Each drink has Cocktailian Conversation (an about-the-drink area), and  a list of other drinks to try if you enjoy the current one.

I think people are finally figuring out how to make good use of technology rather than just reprinting recipes books on the web. This looks like a good one.

More details are here or check it out on iTunes here.

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