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JiggerBeakerGlassCover I had always wondered about the composition of Charles H. Baker's two-volume set , The Gentleman's Companion. I own a reprint called Jigger, Beaker and Glass: Drinking Around the World with just drink recipes in it, but wasn't sure from what parts of the originals it came. Luckily I belong to a private library that has both volumes of the book in perfect condition so I checked them out to see.

It turns out the two books have slightly different titles:

The Gentleman's Companion Volume I: Being and Exotic Cookery Book
or, Around the World with Knife Fork and Spoon

The Gentleman's Companion Volume II: Being an Exotic Drinking Book
or, Around the World with Jigger Beaker, and Flask

The first one is all food recipes, the second is all drink. The Jigger, Beaker, and Glass reprint is nearly an exact reprint of the second volume (with the notable exception of the title).

I scanned in pages of the introduction to the first volume, as those are harder to come by.The first couple are below, the rest are here



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