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March 2009

Glossy Booze: Late March Edition

Glossy Booze is a round-up of alcohol stories in magazines. Sunset (April) has less booze coverage than usual, with a recipe for a Basil Gimlet and some recommended Viognier wines for warm spring days. Details (April) has a list of best dive bars in the US. In Esquire (April), David Wondrich writes about a basic cocktail formula that can be used to make many cocktails: 2 oz liquor, 1 oz fortified wine, 1 tsp liqueur, and 2 dashes bitters. Playboy (April) has a story on gin, with some recommended brands and cocktails. Men's Journal (April) has a story on Irish... Read more →

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SF-Seattle Bartender Swap: Two for One

The citizens of San Francisco were lucky enough to unload Beretta bartender Ryan Fitzgerald on the unsuspecting populace of Seattle for a couple of days. In exchange, we get to see two Seattle bartenders working shifts at Beretta today and tomorrow. What will these strange foreigners bring to the bar? Will all the cocktails be made with coffee? Do they only use rainwater for ice cubes? Will they be able to understand the cash registers if they're not based on Microsoft software? I guess we'll just have to visit them and find out. Here's what we know: Robert Rowland of... Read more →

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Upcoming Drinkstravaganzas in San Francisco

I love large tasting events where you get to try a lot of products in a small amount of time. It allows for the discovery of a lot of new brands and expressions of existing ones, and they're nearly always worth the money spent on admission. Here are some upcoming tasting events in the San Francisco area. March 28th: Whiskies of the World and Artisanal Spirits Fest. A ton of whisk(e)y and other small batch spirits. The event takes place aboard a docked boat, with several levels, food, and entertainment. Info here. April 5th, 2-5PM: Meet the Maker. This offshoot... Read more →

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Drinks and Conversation Pairing

I just got hip to a new public radio podcast- Dinner Party Download. It's a 15 minute podcast of dinner party conversation, each time featuring an anniversary of an historic event (such as the explosion of the USS Princeton with President John Taylor on board) and a cocktail to match (such as the Bloodyberry Fizz by Todd Thrasher.) Fun stuff. Read more →

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Best Garnish Evar

Cachacagora spotted this quote from the Sydney Morning Herald's interview with Max Warner of Chivas: Q What's the strangest drink you've ever been served? A In South America, there are large and sleepy bees and the kids wrap cotton threads around them while they're asleep so they end up on a leash. I was served a drink that consisted of cachaca and champagne poured over honeycomb. One end of the string was tied around the honeycomb; on the other end was a live garnish. As the honeycomb slowly dissolves, the string releases and the bee flies away. That is amazing,... Read more →

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Rock Candy Swizzle

You know how there's the regular Margarita with orange liqueur and the Tommy's Margarita without? I decided to make an orange liqueur swizzle stick to bridge the gap. To do so, I made rock candy out of Grand Marnier. I made a syrup out of 4 cups of water, 1.5 cups of sugar, and half a cup of Grand Marnier. Then I suspended in a bamboo skewer in the syrup and waited. And waited and waited and waited. I had to wait about a month to get crystals to form in this amount. And that's a long time for one... Read more →

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