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Carrot Cake Cocktail, Anyone?

F&Fcrest Let's have a look at what Brian Livesay has been getting up to at Fish & Farm in San Francisco. Livesay makes all the liqueurs, syrups, vermouth, and other ingredients in-house to have a mostly-organic drink menu.

These are his new drinks for spring. I'm a vegetarian but even I am going to call the Bacon Drop a tempting drink. And roasted carrot vodka? Now that sounds rich.

The Bacon Drop ~ A big, meaty drink. The porterhouse steak of martinins. Very smooth and very flavorful.
Apple-Bacon Vodka, Sweet Potato-Molasses Bourbon, Smoked Hickory Bitters and Orange Extract. Served with a Bacon strip "swizzle stick" and a spicy sugar/salt rim.

Embe Tango ~ A very fresh, crisp and clean drink. Spring breeze in a glass...
A blend of Budda's Hand, Cucumber and Mango vodkas. Cilantro Extract, fresh lime, and just a hint of pepper spice on the finish. Served with an edible candied lime wheel.

Springtime Sazarac ~ Our version of the classic drink. It's a little lighter, a little softer and more diverse in it's flavors Apple, Orange and Spring-Blossom spiced Ryes. Orange Bitters, Absinthe wash. Flamed orange oil and orange blossoms.

And for dessert....

Carrot Cake ~ the name says it all...
Roasted Carrot vodka, Cake-Spice Brandy, Cream. Served with Brown Sugar Brandy plumped raisins.
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