Finally, A Swine Flu Cocktail

New Kentucky Derby Cocktails

Bulleit Bourbon asked a few bartenders to come up with new Mint Julep-adjacent cocktails. I posted three of them to Alcademics RecipeFeed:

Bulleit Train by Jackie Patterson

Bare Back by Mindy Kucan

Back in the Saddle by Mindy Kucan

What's always fun with Diageo recipes is that they have to go through corporate lawyers, so all their drinks have less than 1.5 ounces of alcohol in them in total. On the press release I got each one says something like "recipe contains .6 ounces of alcohol" so I guess each drink serves two people. Right.

Personally I would prefer a recipe that states "serves six people" so that the recipe is in standard pourable quantitites, rather than recipes that call for .15 ounces of vermouth. Really.

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