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April 2009

My Bartender Went to Peru, and All I Got was Bitters

A few months ago several San Franciscan bartenders went on a trip to Peru and Brazil and brought back with them samples, Peruvian bitters, and ideas for new drinks. Borys Saciuk of Restaurant Michael Mina added a coca leaf-infused Pisco Punch to the menu, but has already replaced it with a lemon verbena Pisco Sour. He also added the Porto Alegre to the menu, a drink made with cachaca, marschino liqueur, Amaro Eole, pineapple gum syrup, lime juice, and egg white. Walter Moore will start working with Cabana Cachaca and is starting a South American wine and spirits import company.... Read more →

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Alcademics in Mutineer Magazine

In the April/May issue of Mutineer magazine, there is a 12-question survey with a bunch of cocktail bloggers, including your pal Camper of Alcademics. It's fun to see how different answers are on some topics (making your own ingredients, ingredients we'd like to see used more) and how similar on others (absinthe, vodka vs. gin). The magazine, while still finding itself editorially, seems to be coming together rapidly. This issue is a big improvement over the others I've seen. They've got a more equal distribution of writing on wine, beer, and spirits, and have expanded into coffee as well. A... Read more →

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Clear your schedule for SF Cocktail Week

May 11-18, the schedule is here. This year is going to be big big big! I'm looking forward to most of the events, quite frankly, but especially: - The day of education on Thursday. So many good talks, too many happening at the same time! - A huge happy hour at Epic Roasthouse- I think this party is indoor/outdoor. - North Beach historical bar crawl on Saturday - Farmer's market cocktails at the Ferry Building The schedule posted online is evolving as we get ticket sales in place and firm up times for some of the events. Really you should... Read more →

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Carrot Cake Cocktail, Anyone?

Let's have a look at what Brian Livesay has been getting up to at Fish & Farm in San Francisco. Livesay makes all the liqueurs, syrups, vermouth, and other ingredients in-house to have a mostly-organic drink menu. These are his new drinks for spring. I'm a vegetarian but even I am going to call the Bacon Drop a tempting drink. And roasted carrot vodka? Now that sounds rich. The Bacon Drop ~ A big, meaty drink. The porterhouse steak of martinins. Very smooth and very flavorful. Apple-Bacon Vodka, Sweet Potato-Molasses Bourbon, Smoked Hickory Bitters and Orange Extract. Served with a... Read more →

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