SF Cocktail Week Day Six: North Beach Historical Cocktail Crawl
Yet another sweet tea to launch

Cocktails Good for your Eyesight

You know the expression, to "drink yourself blind"? Well now you can try to drink yourself into a lighter pair of eyeglasses with carrot cocktails.

  • Carrot cocktails I wrote a little while ago about the Carrot Cake cocktail at Fish & Farm, made with roasted carrot vodka, cake-spice brandy, and cream.
  • In Bridget Albert's book Market-Fresh Mixology: Cocktails for Every Season, she lists a recipe for the Carrot Chic, made with carrot juice, sour mix, orange vodka, and triple sec, with a sugar-ginger rim. (This picture is from the book.)
  • For a one-off event last week, Citizen Cake in San Francisco offered a drink called the PC, made with English pea and mint juice, light rum, orange bitters, and baby carrot ice cubes.

Remember, every night out drinking should come with a healthy serving of vegetables.

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