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May 2009

Tiki To Go

The launch of new and cool iPhone drink apps continues with this one from Jeff Beachbum Berry and the guys from Cocktails+. It's called Tiki+ and it costs $3.99 for about 150 recipes. Granted, that's a lot for an iphone recipe app, but keep in mind that these recipes are all actually good. Check it out here. Read more →

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Three Types of Liquor in Two Different Drinks

I noticed that there are two drinks being served in San Francisco with whiskey, gin, and white wine. Weird. At Beretta, the Jeepster contains Sazerac Rye, Sarticious Gin, and WeissBurgunder Pinot Blanc, plus bitters, lemon, and simple syrup. The drink is a slight variation of The Jeep that barback Matt Harrison found in a vintage cocktail book from the 30's or 40's. At Gitane, the Jittersauce contains Teacher's scotch, Plymouth Gin, and sparkling wine, plus bitters. This drink can be found in Kingsley Amis' book Everyday Drinking. Amis says: This smooth-tasting drink, Robert Conquest tells me, was popular in some... Read more →

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The New Monteleone Cocktail?

I decided to post an entrant into the competition to create a new Hotel Monteleone Cocktail. What I came up with is likely too simple to win the contest, but certainly not too simple to drink. When I think of New Orleans drinks, I think of rye and absinthe in drinks like the Sazerac and Vieux Carre. But given the 1949 opening date of the Carousel Bar, there probably wasn't much rye being made post-Prohibition. I lead with New Orlean's own absinthe substitute Herbsaint, which I always enjoy with robust fruit and berry flavors. I tried some Poir Williams drinks... Read more →

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Yet another sweet tea to launch

from this hilarious story on pre-mixed cocktails by Jason Wilson in the Washington Post: Brown-Forman has announced it will expand its Southern Comfort brand to include Southern Comfort Sweet Tea and Southern Comfort Hurricane. It's not a vodka, but I think it's safe to count it in the sweet tea alcohol trend. That leaves us with: Firefly Sweet Carolina Burnett's Jeremiah Weed Hound Dog Seagrams Southern Comfort And to think, last February there were none. Update August 2010: Smirnoff has launched a sweet tea vodka flavor. Read more →

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Cocktails Good for your Eyesight

You know the expression, to "drink yourself blind"? Well now you can try to drink yourself into a lighter pair of eyeglasses with carrot cocktails. I wrote a little while ago about the Carrot Cake cocktail at Fish & Farm, made with roasted carrot vodka, cake-spice brandy, and cream. In Bridget Albert's book Market-Fresh Mixology: Cocktails for Every Season , she lists a recipe for the Carrot Chic, made with carrot juice, sour mix, orange vodka, and triple sec, with a sugar-ginger rim. (This picture is from the book.) For a one-off event last week, Citizen Cake in San Francisco... Read more →

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