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June 2009

Knob Creek: Thanks for Nothing

Beverage journalists are used to receiving bottles in the mail, but until now those bottles have always been full. In a fun PR trick this June, Jim Beam brands sent writers a box with a neatly packed bottle of Knob Creek bourbon- empty- to show that this year's supply that was put in barrels in 2000 has been depleted. The enclosed press release, entitled "Thanks for Nothing" included a thank you note for helping to make the brand successful, and letting us know that full bottles will again hit store shelves in November of this year. As this is the... Read more →

Glossy Booze: Late June Edition

Glossy Booze is regular Alcademics feature; a round-up of spirits stories in magazines. Details (June/July) has a story on punch and places to get it around the country, plus a small feature on Hauz Alpenz products. ReadyMade (June/July) has another story by Alex Day, this one on ice. Looks like some good advice on how to freeze and split a pan of ice. Town and Country (July) has a feature on new food and drink cookbooks for summer. GQ (July) has three fizz recipes: the Ramos Gin Fizz, the Rum Fizz, and the Gin Fizz. Mutineer (June/July) has a story... Read more →

History of the El Diablo Cocktail in Trader Vic's Books

I was trying to find the first reference to the El Diablo cocktail recently. Mexican El Diablo 1/2 lime 1 ounce tequila 1/2 crème de cassis Ginger Ale Squeeze lime juice into a 10-ounce glass; drop in spent shell. Add ice cubes, tequila, and crème de cassis. Fill glass with ginger ale. Searching the web, the earliest reference I read to it was from Trader Vic's books of 1946 and 1947. I asked tiki expert Martin Cate, who has these books, if he knew if the drink was a Trader Vic original. After his research it's still not entirely clear,... Read more →

Rickhouse: A First Look

Yesterday I stopped in to Rickhouse, the new bar by the folks from Bourbon & Branch, Swig, Anu, and the liquor store Cask. The bar is located at 246 Kearny Street at the site of the long-time gay bar Ginger's Trois. (I believe Anu was built where Ginger's Too was once located.) Ginger's was a small space with a sunken bar and a tiny seating area in the back, all with a unique art deco design. Rickhouse couldn't be more different. They completely remodeled the space and annexed the old storage room and some unused restrooms in the back. Now... Read more →

A Wet Day in New York

A Slew of booze stories in the New York Times recently: Kim Severson says that a lot of sober people work in bars, focusing on Del Pedro of Pegu Club. Sounds a lot like this story from Edible Manhattan on Del Pedro of Pegu Club. Eric Asimov says that for beer to be treated as seriously as wine, the menu, or the food, or the education of the staff should match the quality of the beer. Word to that. Robert Simonson sheds some light on swizzle drinks and (real) swizzle sticks. Florence Fabricant notes two gins. Read more →

A Catchy Tune About Drinking Irresponsibly, Brought to you by Patron Tequila

Oh my, this advertisement song by Paradiso Girls featuring Lil Jon and Eve called "Patron Tequila" kind of has "major club hit" written all over it. I kind of love it, cheesy as it is. I have the refrain stuck in my head, where I do not want it. It goes like this: I want Patron, tequila I'm drunk on margaritas And Patron, tequila Me and my mamacita The call to get shitfaced is repeated not just in the line "Who wanna get drunk?" that's called out many a time, but also in this verse: By the end of the... Read more →