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Glossy Booze: Early June Edition

Glossy Booze is a round-up of cocktails and spirits stories in magazines.

GQ (June) has a story on how to brew your own iced coffee, plus a recommendation for the Sodastream home carbonator.

Men's Fitness (June/July) mentions Le Tournment Vert absinthe.

In Playboy (June) they tell you how to make a Blue Blazer, recommend some summer brews, and have a story on rum with a few recipes.

SOMA magazine (Spring 2009) more or less repeats the press release on Rubyy blood orange energy drink.

Esquire (June) offers a package called The Collected Wisdom of Esquire as it Relates to Drinking, in which David Wondrich deconstructs the Old-Fashioned and then there's some chatter. Plus they updated the Best Bars in America list for 2009. San Francisco additions this year are The Alembic and Tommy's Mexican.

Bon Appetit (June) lists the recipe for the Grapefruit Gimlet, Campari and Soda, recommends some Spanish cavas, and has a story about kitchen wine cellars.

Rosangelwrongcolor Food and Wine (June) has a picture of Rosangel tequila with completely the wrong colored liquid in the bottle, has the "Combier Margarita" which is just a Margarita with product placement, recommends round ice cube trays, does a nice piece on the brew scene in San Diego, lists 10 recommended summer white wines, gives a recipe for Dushan Zaric's Port and Tonic, and lists wines to pair with grilled food.

Sunset (May) has new wine bars selling half-bottles, and a list of western white wines for under $15.

In 7X7, Jordan Mackay asks local sommeliers to pick an expensive wine and a bargain wine that tastes similar to it from their lists. He also has Daniel Hyatt's recipe for the Promissory Note.

Men's Journal (June) has a few gift whiskies for Father's Day (Aberlour 12, Glenrothes 1991, Laphroaig 25) plus a story on organic alcohol brands.

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