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New Organic Vodkas

Blueiceorganic The organic vodkas continue to hit store shelves. Hopefully this trend will continue to the point at which the organic part won't be the selling point anymore, and you'll have the option of organic spirits or regular in everything, just like at the grocery store.

Recently I found three new organic vodkas in my mouth:

Blue Ice Organic: Though their other (tasty, bargain) vodka is made from non-organic Idaho potatoes, the new Blue Ice Organic is "made from 100%, locally harvested, organic winter wheat and pristine Idaho water."

Shadowlabelsmall Shadow Spirits Organic Vodka: I found this at the American Distilling Institute conference and tasting. This brand hails from Santa Cruz and is so far mostly sold locally. The vodka is made from organic Idaho corn and rye with added spirit made from organic Pinot Noir grapes from the Williamette Valley. The bottle label also lists organic tapioca as an ingredient. I asked brand owner Ann Barnett about it. She says, "The tapioca syrup gives the vodka a subtle sweetness and creates a rounder more full mouthfeel in the product."

Organicnationvodka Organic Nation Vodka is made from "only the finest certified 100% organic American Rye, Wheat and Corn." It also won a silver medal in packaging at the SF Spirits Competition this year. The gin packaging is even better.

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