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SF Event: Guest Bartenders All Week at Clock Bar

Cocktail Service

Along with most mixologists, cocktail dorks, and booze writers in the US, Canada, and much of Europe, I'll be at Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans all week.

This year I'm not going with many story assignments and have to pay for more things than last year, so it will be a bit of a financial burden on me. It occurred to me that I should find a way to make money not writing about Tales afterward, but while I'm actually there.

Services Offered:

  • Bar spoon engraving
  • Hat check
  • Your drink recipe on a grain of rice
  • Lewis bag tie-dyeing
  • Elevator line-holding
  • Vertigo-relief massage (Carousel Bar only)
  • Regan heckler (free)
  • Pool boy
  • Mustache waxer
  • Wife distracting
  • Muddler bronzing
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