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Cocktail Science on Tour

Here are some events happening for people not in San Francisco for a change. Canadian Mist is doing a Science of the Cocktail tour with information about:

• Ice – How to cool your drink down without watering it down. Ice shavings versus ice cubes (surface area)

• Movement – "Shaken vs. Stirred"

• Carbonation – Talk about how to keep carbonation in your cocktail / bottle of champagne. Discuss how carbonation carries flavor.

• Mixing – Why it is important to pour the alcohol in first and then the mixer (specific gravity).

• Garnish – How do garnishes affect the cocktail (pH Levels)

• Glassware – Does the shape really matter?


The tour stops in:

October 7, 2009 / Milwaukee, WI / Eisner Museum of Advertising and Design

December 10, 2009 / Memphis, TN / Brooks Museum of Art

January 7, 2010 / Knoxville, TN / Knoxville Museum of Art

February 11, 2010 / Charlotte, NC / Mint Museum of Art

March 11, 2010 / St. Petersburg, FL / Museum of Fine Arts

More info is here.

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