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New Booze: Germain-Robin Absinthe

Germain robin absinthe Germain-Robin, a brandy maker based in Ukiah, California, has released an absinthe. This one is an absinthe blanche, meaning that it's clear because no additional herbs are infused after distillation. It's also much lower in proof than other absinthes (45% as opposed to up to 70%) and pleasingly bitter. I don't add sugar to any of the absinthes I have around the house, but maybe I would to this.

On the other hand, maybe not. The aftertaste is ridiculously long and chalky and floral and rosy like the most delicious Milk of Magnesia in the world. They only sent me a tiny sample to taste, but I am loving every sip.

So far it's only available in Northern California but if you're an absinthe lover I'd say it's worth seeking out. I bet it would be amazing mixed with other dry white spirits- maybe pisco.

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