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Gin Definitions

SFO <- -> OAK

It's time for Bay Area residents to start making plans for Labor Day weekend Sept 4-7. Why? Because the Bay Bridge will be closed for seismic upgrades. This is not a bad thing at all: BART will run trains 24 hours during the interruption, and that means drinkers can party in either city and get back home safely.

For city residents, a visit to Oakland is probably long overdue. I know it is for me. Here are some suggestions of places to visit from my own "bars to visit" spreadsheet. (Of course I have one, don't you?)

  • Camino: A restaurant with a cocktail menu designed by Thad Vogler using only spirits from non-industrially grown crops and in-season citrus.
  • Sidebar: The cocktail menu was designed by Jonny Raglin of Absinthe. Each drink is available in a classic and locavore version, made with local ingredients.
  • The Den at the Fox: This newish bar is attached to the Fox Theater. 
  • Pican: A restaurant with a focus on bourbon. 
  • Adesso: a gastropub with cocktails.
  • Grand Tavern: A restaurant with classic cocktail list
  • Penelope: Another gastropub with an interesting cocktail menu.
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