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What Would You Ask Patron's Master Distiller?

What Would You Ask... is a new Alcademics feature in which you can submit questions and I'll take them to upcoming interviews with spirits industry professionals. Is there something you want to know about the person or brand? Have you heard a rumor you want to confirm? Want to know what the future holds? Leave your questions in the comments or if you'd like to keep them private send me an email. As always, keep it classy.

On Wednesday August 12 I'm meeting Patron's master distiller, Francisco Alcaraz.

Some tequila snobs dismiss Patron due in part to the status-seeking crowd that orders it, but do they dislike the product or just its drinkers? Patron, probably more than any other brand, is responsible for raising the profile and price and availability of 100% agave tequila in the US market and around the world from the 1990's to today. On the heels of its success, dozens of other top-quality tequilas have entered the market that might otherwise never have made it out of Mexico and into your mouth. Francisco Alcaraz created the recipe for Patron 20 years ago and as the PR contact says, "in many ways [set] in motion what tequila has become today."

What would you ask Patron's Master Distiller?

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