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Beverages by the Bowlful in San Francisco Magazine

My latest story in San Francisco Magazine is online here. The pictures are way better in the print version.

punch at rickhouse in san francisco 

Beverages by the bowlful

By Camper English, Photograph by Shaun Roberts

Though punch predates the classic cocktails San Franciscans have been sipping for the past few years, it has taken a while for local mixologists to commit to it. But in this post-ultralounge era of quieter celebration and more complicated drinks, well-crafted booze in bulk makes a lot more sense than the overplayed bling of bottle service at nightclubs. With punch, you’re paying for an expertly prepared, jumbo-size cocktail, instead of a marked-up and underchilled bottle of vodka (plus mixers).

I describe what's going on, the punch at Rickhouse, and where else to drink from the bowl around town. The rest is online here, and in the September issue of San Francisco Magazine.

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