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Worldwhiskeycover I received a copy of the new book edited by whiskey superstar Charles Maclean, World Whiskey. The book was released by publishing house DK that is known for their heavily illustrated books, and this one is no exception.

Most of the book is bottle shots, information, and one-sentence tasting notes per each of over 700 whiskies mentioned. In between is information on things like blended malts, whiskey glassware, independent bottlers, spotlights on a few of the larger distillers, and whiskey tours- maps of where distilleries are located in different regions around the world.


I was impressed by the number of Japanese whiskies and those from other parts of the world. Overall, this book is a very pretty, quick reference guide to whiskey brands more than it is an in-depth guide to whiskey generally. Still, there is a lot of great information contained in the notes that get to the essence of what you want to know about a brand or region that you can probably flip to faster than you can pull up the appropriate website and click through the age confirmation and annoying flash screens.


I see it's on Amazon for only$16.50, which isn't bad at all for a book of this size (and weight).

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