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Adam Lambert and the Improperly Used Absinthe Fountain

Hey, did y'all see the new Adam Lambert video "For Your Entertainment"? I sure did. As you'd expect, he dresses in all black with sparkly studded accessories and sings while people writhe around him. He also holds a snake.

Less expected is the new symbol of rock star stature: an absinthe fountain. RISKY!  You'll notice that the pouring absinthe fountain doesn't appear to have ice in it, and that given its color it looks like they put absinthe in the fountain instead of ice water, and that the other fountain appears to be filled with sugar cubes.

Adam Lambert absinthe video fountain for your entertainment

No matter! What is important is that Lambert is thrusting his bloodlust for absinthe on impressionable American teenagers who comprise his primary audience.

My first question to myself was "WHAT BRAND OF ABSINTHE?" (I always speak to myself in capslock.) But alas, I could not find any evidence of product placement.

Wouldn't it have been awesome if they were drinking Marilyn Manson's product Mansinthe?

Or maybe he should come out with his own brand: LAMSINTHE.

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