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New Booze: Kahlua Coffee Cream

Coffee_Cream_Bottle_small Yeah, I know. Cream liqueurs. You never want to drink them but when you do you realize they are *so* *damn* *tasty*. Then you store them in the back of the refrigerator and forget about them until your refrigerator is overflowing with cream liqueurs then you being to wonder about the shelf life of them but then say "Heck with this, it's an Amarula night!"

The last thing I need is another cream liqueur taking up the space in the refrigerator that in theory I'd use for fruits and vegetables, but yet, there is another cream liqueur on the market, and yes it's worth getting scurvy for.

Kahlua Coffee Cream is a limited edition (note: why? It's not like they have to age this stuff) cream liqueur made with Arabica coffee bean flavor. It reminds me of buttery caramel cream liqueur mixed with chocolate-covered espresso beans. And I like it very much.

So I will store it in my refrigerator and try to pretend it doesn't exist and then binge on it later. If your life isn't complicated with these issues, you may want to get a bottle.

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