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Smoke Drinks in SF

Is it 2001 all over again? Suddenly I'm contributing to CitySearch on occasion, as I used to do in the last recession.

Here's my latest round-up listing bars serving smoky drinks.

Smoking may be illegal in bars these days, but smoke-flavored drinks are on fire in San Francisco and across the country--easily the hottest trend in the spirits world. Many of the top local cocktail spots now have smoky cocktails on their menus, whether that smoke taste be derived from peaty Islay scotch whisky, fiery and rustic mezcal or actually lighting things on fire. Inhale this trend in any of the following cocktails.

Then I list seven smoky drinks and where to find them: at Nopa, Jardiniere, Dosa, Absinthe, Beretta, Rickhouse, and Foreign Cinema.

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