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Alcademics Giveaway: JagerShop Stuff

Shotski on whites The latest Alcademics giveaway is two items from Jagermeister's store

Whether you're last minute holiday shopping or you just like branded swag as much as I do, you should really check out the JagerShop. They have logo-laden clothing like track jackets and board shorts, sports gear including a snowboard, and bar stuff like ice buckets and bottle cozies.

Better yet, I'm giving away two of the best items from the store: a cooler that holds six bottles of Jager and dispenses shots, and a ski-shaped shot glass holder. If only you could win them both you'd be all set for both winter and summer.

To win one, sign up for the Alcademics A-Plus email list (all prizes, no spam, roughly once a month) and follow the directions when I send out an email tomorrow, Dec 15th. 


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