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Tequila Cocktail Fun Fact

From the Mixellany newsletter:

Do you know there are 14 tequila cocktail recipes in the rare 1937 British cocktail tome The Cafe Royal Cocktail Book. Only 1000 copies were ever published. It was UKBG president WJ Tarling's rebuttal to former UKBG president Harry Craddock's publication of the Savoy Cocktail Book.

The list includes: Picador, Mexican Eagle, Mexico, Metexa, Matador, Jalisco, Toreador, Tia Juano, Tequardo, Sombrero, Senorita, Rio Grande, and Pinequila. Quite impressive considering the date of publication and country of origin.

We got permission from the UKBG to republish the book in 2008. A portion of the net proceeds go to The Wine and Spirit Trades' Benevolent Society in the UK ( The Benevolent was founded in 1886 to make a real difference to the daily lives of those who have worked in the drinks industry and now need help. Today, The Benevolent houses more than 500 people, providing one off or regular financial grants, sheltered accommodation, care home facilities, advice, support and friendship.

Cool, I had no idea. You can buy the book from Mixellany here or from here: Café Royal Cocktail Book

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