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Thanks for Something

Emptyknob Remember in June when I received pretty much the best press kit ever- an empty bottle of liquor? It was from Knob Creek in a press release called "Thanks for Nothing" about the shortage of Knob Creek. They'd run out of barrels of the stuff to bottle.

Word on the street is that there were plenty of supplies of it already in bottles so I don't think any stores actually ran out of it, at least not in California, so it was more of a potential shortage than a real one.

Knob creek bottle

Anyway, last week I got another package from Knob Creek, this one announcing that we'd made it through the drought and the aging barrels reached nine years;  old enough to bottle again. And luckily this package contained a bottle that was full. Whether there was actually a shelf shortage or not, that was reason enough to celebrate.


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