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A Two-Bar Opening Weekend in San Francisco, and a Restaurant with Cocktails on Monday

Two bars will open in San Francisco on Saturday January 16th.

One is The Residence, on the site of Amber (and Zodiac before that). I don't have too much information about it, but the clues so far are classic drinks and cocktails with tea.

The Residence. 718 14th Street at Church.

The other is John Collins Lounge, which is closing in its old location and moving to another. I don't have any information about the new space other than its address, which is below.

John Collins. 138 Minna Street at New Montgomery.

Bonus opening! On Monday January 18th, Credo opens in the Financial District with drinks by bar manager Victoria D'amato-Moran.

Credo. 360 Pine Street at Montgomery.

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