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Juicing Up Your Juice


Recently I got a sample of Spike Your Juice, a system of turning your juice into booze. The system is packet of yeast and a special cap that fits onto a juice bottle. The juice has to have a minimum sugar content high enough for the yeast to eat.

Spike your juice 3s

The yeast eats the sugar in the juice and releases CO2 and alcohol. This turns your juice into fizzy, alcoholic juice. I gave it a try. Keep reading for results.

I tried it on both a blended cranberry juice as seen in the picture above, and in a white cranberry juice below. 


As you can see, the normally clear juice turned cloudy. In both cases, the juice became very slightly carbonated- a bit less than beer is so that you barely notice it.

The juice doesn't taste alcoholic but the packaging says it can reach up to 14% alcohol. I am leaving my white cranberry out to see how it changes over time. The baseline time is two days. After a while it should start losing its fizz so I'm going to sample daily.


Regardless of how boozy it may be, the juice does taste better and more interesting than in its normal state. I might drink more juice if it all tasted like this. And the slight fizz from the carbonation might make it an interesting splash to cocktails.

You get the top and six packets of yeast for ten bucks, so it's not very expensive. If I come up with any brilliant new combinations with my remaining four yeast packets, I'll be sure to share them here.

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