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New Booze: Agwa De Bolivia Liqueur

Here's a review of Agwa De Bolivia Liqueur. The product has coca leaves from Bolivia, along with guarana and ginseng. From the press website:

AGWA DE Bolivia is a 30% ABV 60 proof Herbal liqueur made with Coca Leaf and 32 other herbs and botanicals that adheres fully to the rules and regulations of the authorities both within the EU and USA.

Agwa De Bolivia Coca Leaf Liquor is made from the finest Bolivian Coca Leaves. The coca leaves are shipped under armed guard from Bolivia and handcrafted in Amsterdam. Agwa is not just renowned for its unique and great taste but more for the secret energy that lies in all its drinks and cocktails.


So, it's an energy liqueur dyed bright green. But how does it taste? On the nose, it's an earthy menthol and not much else that I can detect. On the mouth there is some spiciness, like cinnamon, and with some fruit like pear and chocolate. The spiciness helps alleviate the sweetness of the liqueur and is the dominant flavor. 

I thought this product would be gross, so I'm pleasantly surprised. I'm not in love with it, but if someone handed me a shot at a club (the suggested way of drinking it, along with a lime wedge) I'd probably take it.

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