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42Below Cocktail World Cup Day Three, cont. Penthouse Party

Day Three in New Zealand: Car Sickness and Lakeside Mixes

[This is one of many posts submitted live from the 42Below Vodka Cocktail World Cup international cocktail competition. For official event photos, go here. For my photos, go here.]

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Last night's party was sort of epic, and then we went to a bar to celebrate. 

42below day two party and debajo bar 038



Then today we split up for various extreme adventures. I went on a cliff-side drive that was scenic and lovely and not very extreme, except the part when people in the van started getting carsick. (The funny thing is, those are the people who were originally supposed to go sky diving but the weather prevented it.)

4wd tour of shotover river mountain area 007

Then in the afternoon we went to a lakeside cocktail challenge, the third one so far, where bartenders had to use four out of eight ingredients from a mystery box. 

42Below World Cup Day Three Lakeside Challenge 024
 Update: The winners were team New Zealand. 

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