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Come See Me at the MCC (Or on your computer)

I'll be speaking on a panel about social media at the Manhattan Cocktail Classic early next week in New York.

Bartenders, Bloggers, and Brands
Event Date: 5/18/2010, 12:15 pm - 1:45 PM
The Study at Astor Center, 399 Lafayette at East 4th Street
with Lindsey Johnson, Jason Littrell, Camper English, and TBD Blogger

This panel will explore how social media can best benefit everyone in the liquor industry. Lindsey, the CEO of Lush Life Productions- the leader in digital media creation in the liquor industry- will explain the best practices for brands as they take their first steps in this emerging marketplace. As a bartender who has taken on and dominated social media, Jason Littrell will explain how his presence online has shaped his career. A top blogger will also tell their story- explaining how social media has effected their blog’s traffic and visibility. This panel will be livestreamed by Lush Life Productions.

Note that the panel will be livestreamed so you can watch it from home.

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