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Frisco Pisco: Locally-owned Encanto Pisco Launches in San Francisco

Classy Dame Encantosmall

The new Encanto pisco, released in San Francsisco this past weekend, is the collaboration between  a distiller, a bartender, and a sommelier: Peruvian distiller Carlos Romero, Cantina owner Duggan McDonnell, and sommelier/importer Walter Moore. 

This bottling is a blend of three aromatic and non-aromatic grape varieties that give it both body and grape-floral aromatics for maximum blendability. 

You'll already find it at 30 accounts (liquor stores, bars, and restaurants) in San Francisco.

For a little more information check out the Encanto Pisco website or read my write-up in today's Tasting Table San Francisco.  

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