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The New Look of Alcademics

How do I look?

After much work with my friend best known by her tiki name, Humuhumu, Alcademics has been redesigned. Humu has designed websites including Critiki, Ooga-Mooga, and the website for Smuggler's Cove as well. 

This is how this site used to look: 

AlcademicsDesignBefore copy

I tried to work as much as possible within the framework of the Typepad back-end, with Humu adding custom CSS and additional graphics when necessary. There are big changes such as rearranging the main content column to the center and highlighting it with large text, and darkening the background color for easier reading.

There were also many subtle changes, like gentle gradients added between columns, replacing Slurps with the Alcademics Twitter feed for easier clicking to outside content, and generally reducing a ton of clutter. Humu provided both the engineering and the aesthetic guidance, and if you've ever seen my apartment you'll know I have no skills in that area.

If you need any web work done, I'd highly recommend Humuhumu. At the beginning of the day I don't think she'd even seen the TypePad back end. By the end of the day she could bend it to her will in seconds.

Alcademics is always a work in progress, but hopefully this recent progress will make visiting the site a more enjoyable experience. If you notice anything that doesn't work, is hard to read, or looks funky in your browser, please let me know! 

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