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Sleeves are IN this Season with Moet-Hennessy

Veuve cliquot jacket

Sleeves! Sleeves! Sleeves! Everything in sleeves! 

Moet-Hennessy found the hot new look of the season by putting sleeves on all their products.

Perhaps they were inspired by the champagnes they put in sleeves a few seasons ago, like this attractive ice jacket for Veuve-Clicquot.  Sassy!


Then they did the same thing with flasks of Hennessy V.S. just this year.

So fresh!  SO funky!

Henny flasks sleeves in bright colors

Thinking ahead for fall, they knew it would get chilly, and said,  "SLEEVES FOR EVERYONE. EVERYONE GETS A SLEEVE!"

So they did one for Chopin vodka. It's the puffy jacket for potato vodka. FABULOUS.

Chopin vodka bottle design

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