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(Craig Lee / Special to The Chronicle)

My latest story from this Sunday's San Francisco Chronicle is now online.

Quest for best orange liqueur comes full circle

 Camper English, Special to The Chronicle
 Friday, July 9, 2010

When a critic complained that the orange liqueur in the margarita at Tacolicious had an "off flavor," owner Joe Hargrave decided to do something about it. The margarita is the Marina district restaurant's top-selling cocktail.

"After I was finished being (ticked) off, I decided we should see if this has merit," he said. Hargrave arranged a blind tasting of margaritas with different orange liqueurs to find the best replacement for the bargain-priced Bols triple sec he was using.

With a flood of new orange liqueurs on the market, picking a reasonable number for the tasting was no easy task.

My story about all the new orange liqueurs on the market- and the thrilling result of the orange liqueur taste test at Tacolicious- can be found by following the link.

There's also a recipe for a drink (see picture above) from Kevin Diedrich of the Burritt Room

For more information on the history and differences between triple sec and curacao, this discussion has some good information. And for the biggest orange liqueur comparison on the internet, see Jay Hepburn's blog posts.

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