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The New Bitter

With all the new bitter products on the market I was getting a little confused as to what's what, so I've made this cheat sheet for myself. 

Cocchi Americano: Quinquina, flavored with quinine; a Kina Lillet substitute

Gran Classico: A "Bitters of Turin" with wormwood and gentian; a Campari substitute

Calisaya: A brand of high-quinine elixir that was once a generic name for the category of quinquinas. According to CocktailDB: "Generic Spanish/Italian spirit-based beverage/digestive bitters of calisaya bark (quinine), herbs, and spices. Ferro China and china-Martini bitters are other forms of this product. Calisay is a liqueur which utilizes the same main flavoring ingredients."

Bonal: According to Paul Clarke in the SF Chronicle, "Produced in France since 1865, Bonal has a double-headed bitterness from cinchona and gentian. When combined with other ingredients in a base of mistelle - partially fermented grape juice mixed with higher-proof alcohol - its character is simultaneously juicy and bone dry."

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