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What's a Good Gift Rum?

A friend asks:

A buddy of mine helped another of mine get a job and now he'd like to buy her a nice bottle of somethin' somethin' as a thank you.

She's alllllllll about rum as long as it's not spiced and she *probably* has a bottle of Jamaican something or other at home as they go to Jamaica every year.

I know that you love the stuff so i was wondering if you have any good recommendations?

Why as a matter of fact I do! This is what I'm feeling at the moment. (It could change in a minute.)

Rhum jm distillery small

For sipping rum you can't go wrong with Zacapa. It's friendly and delicious. People into weird wild rums might find it overly soft-and-easy but I don't know of anyone who wouldn't happily drink it. 

If they're cocktail freaks and might like challenging flavors try Smith&Cross- the new favorite of top bartenders. Funky, musty, stanky rums like this one (and most rums from Guyana you can find) are sort of like the Islays of scotch, or the mezcals of tequila. Also it's relatively inexpensive compared to these others.

For something really special, dark, and a little funky seek out Rhum J.M. and get the oldest (most expensive) one you want to pay for. It's like rum trapped in a grass prison in a way that tastes delicious. 

Rhum jm sign small
 [Disclaimer: I've been to two of these distilleries on press trips, but I've also been to many other rum distilleries not mentioned here.]

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