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San Francisco Cocktail Week September 21-27, 2010

The Children's Wine List

I was researching some cocktail bars and came across the website for Scoma's, an old San Francisco seafood restaurant near Fisherman's Wharf. Looking for the cocktail menu I found the page below (click to enlarge).


And I saw the Children's Wine List. 

"CHILDREN'S WINE LIST? THAT'S FANTASTIC!" I said to myself. (I always talk to myself in capslock.)

But it turns out that those are two different links for the children's menu and the wine list. Oh well. 

Still I love the idea of having a children's wine list (purple grape juice, white grape juice), a kids' beer list (root beer, ginger beer), or a children's cocktail menu with pictures and descriptions of non-alcoholic juice and fizzy drinks served in wacky vessels with elaborate garnishes.

It would be a bit like the Friendly's sundae menu or a tiki bar menu. Or it could even work as a modern day soda fountain. 

But for now we should start with a children's drink menu at a kid-friendly restaurant. Who's in? 

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