Improved Airport Cocktails
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Airline Drink Menus, Updated

I am continuing to update the Airline Drink Menus page with new menus, and would like to remind you that you can contribute by mailing me snapshots of the drink selection on any airline you fly. 

Yesterday I flew United, Aer Lingus, and Iberia. 

United now offers different beverages depending on whether you're flying domestic or international, something I hadn't seen on their menu only a few months ago. International travelers are treated to Absolut, Chivas, and DiSarron0,  while domestic travelers have to make due with Finlandia and Dewar's. 

Aer Lingus not only doesn't list their beverage selection online or in their in-flight magazine that I could find, they charge for all alcoholic beverages even on international flights. So BOO to them. I believe the drinks cost $6 for wine, beer and spirits, $7 for bubbly.

Iberia - I was so jetlagged at this point I didn't take their inflight magazine, but I'll get one on the way back as they don't list their drink selection online. (This menu flier has a teaser though (PDF).)

For pictures of the United Menu go to the Airline Drink Menus page.

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