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Airline Drink Menus, Updated

Improved Airport Cocktails

As many people know, the Delta terminal at JFK is a nightmarish hellhole that should be avoided at all costs. I travel through there frequently.

As if you needed one, here's another reason to fly through LaGuardia instead: They're improving the drinks.

OTG also tapped a team of renowned wine, beer and cocktail experts to curate an unexpected offering of libations. The result: travelers to Delta’s LaGuardia can choose from a long list of tipplings they certainly wouldn’t expect from an airport dining establishment: endless varieties of domestic and imported beers, some of them artisanal, bottled and on tap, an extensive wine list that spans the globe and a series of inventive signature cocktails including concoctions such as the Marseilles Manhattan (bourbon, sweet vermouth, Angostura bitters, splash of Ricard, brandied cherries) and the Tahitan Dream (Rhum J.M. Gold, Cointreau, orgeat syrup, fresh lime, hibiscus sugar).

Chris Cannon (wine), the restaurateur behind NYC’s Alto, Convivio and Marea; Garrett Oliver (beer/brews), a renowned brewer and beer expert and the Brewmaster of The Brooklyn Brewery; and  Tad Carducci (cocktails), a leading beverage consultant, award-winning mixologist and co-founder of the NY-based beverage consultancy, Tippling Bros.

I've never flown Delta through LaGuardia that I can recall. I'm just glad to hear they didn't try to improve anything at JFK, because it takes an hour and a half to get through security leaving you no time to get the drinks, which would wear off anyway in the hour they build in for waiting in the queue on the runway. 

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