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October 2010

The Vandaag Cocktail Menu

I've been hearing a lot about Vandaag lately, a Northern European restaurant in New York with an emphasis on Denmark and Holland. The cocktail menu looks interesting with lots of genever and aquavit cocktails so I thought I'd post it here. GENEVER COCKTAILS 13 VANDAAG GIN COCKTAIL BOLS GENEVER, GOLDEN ALE REDUCTION, BITTERS WITH A WASH OF KIRSCHWASSER & ABSINTHE B-SIDE SLING BOLS GENEVER, ROOBIS INFUSED VERMOUTH, LEMON, MARASCHINO & BITTERS WEST OF 2ND GENEVIEVE, MEZCAL, LIME, SUGAR CANE & POMEGRANATE MOLASSES AKVAVIT COCKTAILS 12 TURF WAR AKVAVIT, LILLET, MARASCHINO, ORANGE BITTER & ABSINTHE WITH AN OLIVE & LEMON TWIST... Read more →

More Fun with Ice: The Time Bomb

The fun with ice continues! In ongoing experiments freezing things in ice, I decided to try freezing food coloring in the middle of an ice cube. Then when the ice melts, the coloring will release and change the drink. Click on the link below to see how I did it and what happened. The first step was to make perfectly clear ice. Then I heated the stubby end of a bar spoon in a pot of boiling water and kept plunging it into the ice until I made a tunnel. Then I added several drops of food coloring. After I... Read more →

Using Salt Walter as an Insulator to Make Clear Ice

This blog post is a continuation of this experiment. In this experiment, I wanted to test out another way to insulate an ice cube tray to make clear ice. Inspired by a comment from another blog entry by a reader named Gael, I decided to try salt water as an insulator rather than just plain water as in the last experiment. If it worked, this would be a way to make clear ice at home without taking up too much freezer space. I took a small food container and put it into a slightly larger one. The smaller container held... Read more →

Making Clear Ice Without a Cooler

In a set of experiments, I showed that you can make clear ice by controling the direction of freezing. The container I've been using for this is an Igloo cooler. When using it, the ice freezes from the top-down and all the cloudiness in the ice forms at the bottom of the container rather than in the middle of the block. I wanted to show that you can do this without a cooler as long as you have some sort of insultation that accomplishes the same thing as the cooler. In this case, I chose a bigger pool of water... Read more →

A New Book on Pisco History

You know how you read a historic cocktail book like Wondrich's Imbibe and Jared and Anistatia's Spirituous Journey and you wish you could see the source material they used to write it? History of Pisco in San Francisco: A Scrapbook of First Hand Accounts is basically that. Historian and pisco obsessive Guillermo Toro-Lira put together this book that contains ship's logs, diaries, newspaper clippings, and other reference material that he used to write his other book Wings of Cherubs. Much of it is new and printed for the first time. Also, I wrote the introduction! Read more →