Brandy Cocktail Competition at Rye in San Francisco October 11
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A Cramped Little Man with Horn-Rimmed Glasses

The German paper Zeit wrote up the Bar Convent Berlin, where I was this past week. Most of the article is about the talk I gave with Phil Duff and Elayne Duke on future trends in global mixology. 



Of course I can't read it, so I used Google Translate. 

The best part of the translation is the author calling Philip Duff "professionally cuddly." Another highlight is my description: 

Although most of the time talking to Duff, he is not alone on the stage. Beside him sits a little cramped, a man with horn-rimmed glasses named Camper English, who as a cocktail blogger from San Francisco to see there.

"We can see straight," says English, "that the cards in cocktail bars are getting shorter. Where once 60-80 drinks to choose from were, there are now only 6-10 cocktails. In general, the time of showing is over. At the same time the ingredients and quality become more important. " Spoke for the increasing number of so-called "boutique distilleries" and produce a little micro-distilleries, high quality and unusual spirits. More than 160 would already be in the U.S. alone, every day it would be more. Promo Two girls in tight leather pants and plunging necklines walk to coincide with a magnum bottle of whiskey through the audience. Just as they would do camper poor English with his eulogy to the growing taste for quality and claim the lie.

Read the whole story (in whatever language you want) here

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