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Almond Milk Enters the Cocktailsphere

I have been tracking how different not-obvious products and categories have been entering the world of cocktails, as I think this is a good indicator of how culturally important cocktails have become. Everyone wants a piece of the action. 

(Related: I got a ridiculous pitch today for cocktails made with the neon-colored Alize liqueurs that are somehow supposed to be era-appropriate for Mad Men. This says a lot about the cultural impact of Mad Men, and also a thing or two about the people marketing Alize...)

I've tracked before how cruise lines, airlines, tourism boards, the National Peanut Board, a tomato juice company, and the Wisconsin Cheese Board are all jumping on the cocktail bandwagon. 

Almond-Hot-Toddy More in the realm of mixers, along with coconut water, POM pomegranate juice, and the Cranberry Marketing Board, all of which have gone after the cocktail market, Almond Breeze brand almond milk has entered the fray. I just got a press release with a recipe for two drinks: a hot chocolate and an almond milk Hot Toddy

I am guessing they could do a lot more with the product. For a while now I've been considering experimenting with almond milk to make a low-alcohol Mai Tai. 

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