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Berlin Souvenirs

I came home with two souvenirs from my time in Berlin last week.

American bar
The first is the autograph on what is probably the first cocktail book I ever purchased: Charles Schumann's American Bar. I have the 1995 Crate & Barrel edition, back from when the whole space lounge trend was gaining popularity and you could buy Esquivel CDs, bird bath-sized cocktail glasses, a leopard print-covered bar, and this book all at the same store. 

Charles Schumann Signature
Ahh, memories. What I didn't know is that Charles Schumann is still a very popular and important figure in German bartending. He just came out with a signature line of glassware and is famous enough that he also poses in ads as a sort of celebrity fashion model for clothing. 

I also brought back some souvenir ready-to-drink beverages that look like candy bars. They're called BUM, which is terrific. I have one in vodka-mix/bitter lemon and the other in vodka-mix/energy-taste flavor. I am sure they both taste like class. 

Bum from Germany

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