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Ice: Live!

Next week during Portland Cocktail Week, I'll be speaking about my favorite thing: ice! 


Rocks Off! Ice Seminar    

Sunday, October 24 @ 1:00pm

Join some of the most creative minds in ice including Anu Apte, Evan Zimmerman and Camper English as they talk about their favorite cocktail ingredient: ice. They will discuss their innovative applications of ice including: Camper’s clear ice technique, Evan’s flavored ice, and Anu’s ice carving technique in this hour long session.

With three of us there that means I only get to talk about ice for 20 minutes! 

Luckily for you, you've probably read most of my research on making clear ice here on Alcademics already, though I'll have a few surprises I'm saving just for the session. SURPRISES.

I'm also excited to learn ice carving techniques from Anu. Soon I will master the ice ball. 

Run screaming to this website to buy your tickets!

Ice in glasss

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